Saturday, March 25, 2017


A postcard issued by China Post for promoting tourism in Shanxi Province (山西省). It shows a view from the mountainous area with statue and temple at the focal point. It was taken at Zangshan (藏山). This hilly area is part of Taihang Mountains (太行山). This place is located near Yangquan (阳泉市). The ID for this postcard is 14-140000-11-0003-003. Thanks WL.


This card was franked with a 80 Fen personalized stamp with ship design. It was cancelled at Taiyuan Tongluowan 1 (太原 铜锣湾 1) on 23.1.2017.  However, the character “yuan” was not clear.


Additional postage of 3.70 Yuan was paid and stamped by franking machine at the same office. It provides an idea what was missing at the handstamp (postmark).

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