Sunday, October 30, 2011


Postcard showing the now dismantled opera stand of Dayedian or Daye Temple (大爷殿古戏台). The site of this stand was located at No. 23, Dayedian Xiang or Lane (大爷殿巷), on the east of Maxingseng Jie or Street's middle section (麻行僧街 中段). The original structure was built during Ming Dynasty. Later, it was re-built in republican era. The ID for this postcard is 2009-330300-11-0028-004. Thanks kathy89.

A 80 Fen lotus flower stamp is pre-printed on this postcard. A pair of 1.20 Yuan bird definitive stamps are used to increase the postage. They are cancelled at Zhejiang Wenzhou Huochezhan (浙江 温州 火车站) on . "Huochezhan" is railways station in Chinese.

Monday, October 24, 2011


A postcard on Fujian Tulou or Fujian earth building (福建土楼). This type of residential can be found at the border areas of Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangsi. They are used to be dwellings come defensive structures. Majority of those famous tulou are found at southeastern of Fujian Province. This unique structures are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name "Fujian Tulou". There are 46 sites listed under the world heritage list. If not mistaken, this picture shows the Chuxi Tulou cluster (初溪土樓群), which is located in Chuxi village, Xiayang township, Yongding County (永定县 下洋镇 初溪村). Thanks luoluoda.

Unfotunately, this postcard arrived without a stamp or any postmark. But, you may notice there is gum trace (perforated L-shaped, below "R" of "CARD"). According to sender, it was a 3 Yuan greeting stamp. Somehow, it is missing in the delivering process.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


A LOMO type of postcard which showing a casing within a casing, both are decorated with gold-color patterns. Thanks kelly.

Its postage was paid with a pair of 2 Yuan bird definitive stamps and a 50 Fen environmental definitive stamp. They are cancelled at Shanghai Caohejing 15 (上海 漕河泾 15) on 21.12.2009.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


An artistic postcard on the baubles, a decorative sphere. They are one of the ornaments used on a Christmas tree. Thanks danH.

A pair of 2 Yuan bird definitive stamps ans a 80 Fen environmental definitive stamp were used to pay the postage. This card was sent from Nanchang Mindelu 1 (南昌 民德路 1) on 21.12.2009.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


A new year greeting lottery postcard with santa claus. It is a postcard of national series with ID no. HP2010(2)Y. Thanks lightmemo.

Additional two stamps were used with the 80 Fen pre-printed Year of the Tiger stamp. They are 200 Fen scenery stamp (1997-16, 8-7) and 20 Fen stamp on posts in ancient China (1995-13, 2-1). This postcard was processed and cancelled by Hunan Shaoyang Chukou 2 (湖南 邵阳 出口 2) on 13.12.2009.