Friday, November 20, 2009


Chicago Water Tower is the second oldest water tower in United States of America. This tower was built in 1869. It is the symbol of Old Chicago and one of the few survival buildings of Great Chicago Fire 1871. Thanks ashulman.

This postcard was sent with a 98 cents airmail stamp. The cancellation is a bit blur. It was sent from Palatine (?) on 9.7.2009. This seven-wavy lines cancellation with a round date stamp might be of the former type. Most of the meter cancellations I received are without the round date stamp and wavy lines.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Postcard on the hotel building of a Jiangshu based company, Heilan Group (海澜集团). This one is the Heilan Worstead Spinning Building (海澜精纺大楼). Thanks Yunshui.

It was sent from Suzhou Kunshan Bingxi 3 (苏州 昆山 兵希 3) on 8.7.2009. Two stamps were used. They are 3 Yuan greeting stamp and 1.50 Yuan 10th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to its Motherland (2007-17, 3-3).

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The Pearl Shoal Waterfall (珍珠滩瀑布) in Jiuzhaigou Valley (九寨沟) in Sichuan (四川). It is one of the scenic area in the valley, which is a UNESCO heritage site under the name "Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area". Thanks Hoping.

This postcard was sent with international surface postcard rate, which is 3 Yuan. Three stamps were used. They are 200 Fen coral fish (1998-29, 8-7) and two 50 Fen stamps (1998-23, 3-1 and 1998-25, 4-3). It was posted at Guangdong Zhuhai Beishida (Dai) 1. The postmark in Chinese is 广东 珠海 北师大 (代) 1. Beishida is the short form of Beijing Normal University.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Symbols of Christianity in Lithuania. On the upper left is a cross near Zarasai. On the upper right is the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Strūnaitis. The graveyard in Turgeliai in lower right. The Church of St. Jozeph in Karvys in the middle and the Church of Crucified Christ in Imbradas on the lower left. Thanks kisto4ka.

A 2.90 Lt pilots (S. Darius and S. Girėnas) and aeroplane stamp was used to send this postcard. This card is sent from Klaipeda on 8.6.2009.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Jonathan Young Windmill in Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A working 18-century windmill next to Town Cove. Thanks PrincessSarah for showing me windmill also exists in your place too.

Two red-colored North Quincy postmarks cancelled the three stamps on 9.7.2009. Two animals stamps (64 cents dolphine and 28 cents polar bear) and a 5 cents American Teleware stamp were used. Only 97 cents?

Well, another stamp found its way on the postcard. The 1 cent Tiffany lamp stamp is pasted on the other corner by the side of the barcode printed by post office.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, an oil painting on canvas (painted between 1958-1959) . It is stored in New York Modern Art Gallery. Thanks wangxiaoyi927

This postcard was sent from Shandong Dezhou Yingye 8 (山东 德州 营业 8) on 5.7.2009. Four different stamps with the same face value, 1.20 Yuan, were used. They are Chinese calligraphy (2007-30, 6-5), dragon dance (2007-8, 2-1), scenery (2007-23, 3-2) and heritage building (2007-28, 4-2).