Saturday, August 31, 2013


A postcard on Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral or Baguio Cathedral, the biggest Catholic church in Baguio City. It stands on the top of Mount Mary Hill. Thanks ritz.

Three marine creatures stamps were used; a ₱7 clownfish, a ₱5 green turtle and a ₱1 manta ray. They were cancelled with postmarks of Matina Post Office - Metro, Davao on 18.4.2011.

Friday, August 30, 2013


A multiview postcard from Częstochowa. It shows some of the views in a main street. In the picture on the bottom left, the tall building is Jasna Góra Monastery (Częstochowa Jasna Góra). It is the end destination of annual walking pilgrim, Wrocław Walking Pilgrimage. Thanks romanek.

Three definitive stamps on building were used; their face values are 1, 2 and 50gr.  They were cancelled at Częstochowa 18 on 7.4.2011.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


A self-printed card showing the black and white photo of the interior view of Tolou (土楼). This types of traditional residence building could be found in Fujian and several other places near there. Thanks swaettear.

A 4.20 Yuan bird and a 30 Fen environmental definitive stamps were used. They were cancelled using postmarks of Fujian Xiamen Gulangyu (Shou Tou)2 or " 福建厦门鼓浪屿(收投)2" on 4.4.2011.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard showing the scary waves smashing the coast (惊涛拍岸). It was taken by Ju Yiping (邹宜平). Its ID no. is 10-420500-13-0045-004.Thanks DanDan.

 Two 1.20 Yuan stamps, a brush painting (2007-6, 6-6) and a new year personalized stamp, were added on this postcard with a 80 Fen Year of the Tiger pre-printed stamp. There are two different postmarks used on this card. The one at the upper right corner is read as Fujian Xiamen Gulangyu 6 (福建厦门 鼓浪屿 6). Postmarks used to cancel the stamps are Fujian Xiamen Gulangyu (Shou Tou)2 or " 福建厦门鼓浪屿(收投)2." Both are cacelled on 4.4.2011.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A postcard from reproduction of an old advertisement from "Sinpo" magazine in 1928. Originally, this advertisement was in black and white. It was an advertisement on carbonate drink, Sarsaparilla. hanks Shinta.

This card was sent inside an envelope together with an unwritten postcard and some stamps. Many stamps were used; they are Rp2500 tourism, Rp3000 Year of the Rabbit, Rp1500 International Year of Chemistry, Rp5000 batik, Rp1500 structure of organic compound and Rp1500 environmental stamp. The postmarks are not clear. It should be from Semarang and cancelled on 11.4.2011.

Monday, August 26, 2013


A postcard showing lion cubs playing in savanna. Lion is one of the "Big Five" animals in the African safari for wildlife observation. Thanks memorykeeper.

It was sent with three definitive stamps; a strip of two 30/- groundnuts and a 35/- coconut. They were cancelled at JKIA on 5.4.2011. JKIA is stand for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


A postcard showing miniature models on Polish traditional cloths of different areas. Thanks wanda164.

A 3.55zł stamp on 50 Anniversary of Treaty of Rome (European Economic Community) was used. It was cancelled at Dąbrowa Górnicza on 9.4.2011.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


A postcard on market scene of the "River Valley of Yangtze" (三峡两岸) series. At the back are simple monuments to the people of ancient China, one for Qu Yuan (屈原) and Zhao Emperor of Han (昭帝). Thanks ninedo.

It was sent with two different 80 Fen personalized stamps (roses and auspicious wall paper) and a 150 Fen stamp on Shennongjia (1998-13, 4-4). They were cancelled at Shanghai Wuninglu 1 (上海 武宁路 1) on 10.4.2011.

Friday, August 23, 2013


A multiview postcard on the Easter Funtain (Osterbrunnen) in Franconian Switzerland (Fränkische Schweiz), Upper Franconia, Bavaria. This place is the origin for this festival, Osterbrunnen, which is from Good Friday until two weeks after Easter. Eggshells are used in the decoration. The fountain of Bleberbach is listed in the Guinness World Record. Other places shown on this card are Heiligenstadt and Hummeltal. Thanks gerschjg.

It was sent with a 55 cents stamp on 20 Anniversary of unification of Germany and a 20 cents flower definitive stamp. They were cancelled at Briefzentrum 90 (Nürnberg) on 8.4.2011.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


A card on a white horse. Thanks AhHui.

It was sent with several definitive stamps; three 1 Yuan bird and two 80 Fen environmental. They were cancelled with a postmark from Zhejiang Wenzhou Yongqiang 25 (浙江 温州 永强 25) on 6.4.2011. The 80 Fen at the bottom was not cancelled.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


A postal issued in conjuction of 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. The theme for this series of cards is New Guangzhou Image (新广州印象). This building is the Guangzhou International Finance Center (广州国际金融中心). Located in Tianhe District (天河区), it was completed in 2010. The ID no. is 10-440104-0106-003. Thanks carmenchen.

It has a 80 Fen pre-printed stamp on the mascots of 16th Asian Games. Two different 1.20 Yuan stamps were added; they are pheasant stamp (2008-4, 6-5) and personalized stamp on divine bird of the Sun. They were cancelled at Guangzhou Tiyudonglu 7 (广州 体育东路 7) on 21.3.2011. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A postcard on the Monument to Symon Budny (Сымон Будны) and Slutsk Gate (Слуцкая брама). Thanks coralfish.

Several definitive stamps were used; they are 100 and 20 flower stamps, and a 400 wolf stamp. The postmarks are so light but still managed to read it. They are from Minsk 27 and stamped on 12.3.2011.

Monday, August 19, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard issued for China Business Post (财经时报). The ID no. is 2008-0101(BK)-0055. Thanks chrischin.

It has a 80 Fen pre-printed Year of the Rat stamp. Three more stamps were added; they are 80 Fen folktale stamp on Liu Yi delivering a letter (2004-14, 4-2), 20 Fen posts in ancient China (1995-13, 2-1) and 1.20 Yuan Huang Long Scenic Area (2009-18, 3-3). They were cancelled at Beijing Xisi 19 (北京 西四 19) on 17.3.2010.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


A colorful postcard showing various picture of Taiwan in a map-shaped, from nature, culture to cityscape. This map is further outline the counties, showing the picture of those counties. Thanks Sherry.

A pair NT$5 beetle definitive stamps were used. It was cancelled at Shilin (士林) on 26.9.2011.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


A postcard on paper-cut (墙花) on the symbolic animals in the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit. Its title is "the eagle pecks the rabbit" (鹰逐兔), it was done by Hu Fenglian (胡凤莲) of Ansai, Shan'xi (陕西安塞). Thanks ElsieTAO.

It was sent with a 4.20 Yuan bird definitive stamp together with a pair of 10 Fen environmental stamp.They were cancelled with postmarks of Zhejiang Ningbo Pingxin (Tongqu) ? (浙江宁波 平信(筒取)?) on 19.3.2011.

Friday, August 16, 2013


A postal card on Wulingyuan (武陵源) scenery in Hunan Province (湖南省). This place is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name "Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area." The postcard ID no. is FP7 10-10 1998B. Thanks ouroad.

It has a 420 Fen pre-printed stamp using the same picture as in the front. A 80 Fen stamp with zodiac signs was added. It was sent from Hunan Wulingyuan Senlingongyuan 1 (湖南 武陵源 森林公园 1) on 26.3.2011. "Senlingongyuan" is the Forest Park, possible the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is located in this place too.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


A postcard showing the terracotta rooftop of the old shophouses in Hereen Street, Melaka. Hereen Street is known as Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Located by the side of Melaka River, it is located in the core heritage zone of Melaka city, which is jointly listed with Georgetown, Penang, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name, "Melaka and George Town, Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca." Thanks newrule.

A 30sen lotus flower definitive stamp from the sheetlet format (easily identified by the year 2010 at the bottom of the stamp) was used. It was cancelled at Muar, Johor on 4.4.2011.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Proboscis monkey, an endangered species, endemic to the island of Borneo. It is known as bekantan to the locals. This species live in the coastal areas and along the rivers. I bought this postcard at Kota Kinabalu.  

A 30 sen firefly stamp was used to send this postcard. It was sent at Kota Marudu, Sabah, on the morning of 1.4.2011. Due to the darker shade of this stamp, only partial of this postmark, "Pejabat Pos Kota Marudu," is readily identifiable. It was only cancelled on 4.4.2011, a few day after I posted it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Another postal card on prose with theme "Benison soncerely". The ID no. is 2001(3100)-0088(10-2). Thanks icentmagenta.

It has a 60 Fen pre-printed flower stamp. A 2 Yuan and a 40 Fen stamps from bird definitive stamp series were added. This card was cancelled at Xinjiang Aksu Nandajie Yingye 1 (新疆阿克苏 南大街营业1) on 29.3.2011. A pictorial postmark on the Memorial of Bridge No.359 station troops in opening wasteland (359旅屯垦纪念馆) was also cancelled on the same day.

Monday, August 12, 2013


A postal card on prose with the theme "always and forever." The ID no. is 2001(3100)-0088(10-5). Thanks icentmagenta.

A pair of 1.20 bird definitive stamps were added on this card with a 60 Fen pre-printed flower stamp. It was sent from Xinjiang Aksu Nandajie Yingye 1 (新疆阿克苏 南大街营业 1) on 23.3.2011. Additional pictorial postmark on the greenery of Kekeya barren ground (柯柯牙荒漠绿化) was cancelled at the same day.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


A night view of Jordan Bridge, bridge to Poznań Cathedral or Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul (Bazylika Archikatedralna św. Piotra i św. Pawła w Poznaniu), at the background. It is on the island of Ostrów Tumski, northeast of the Poznań city center. Thanks Lidia.

It was sent with three definitive stamps on buildings; their face values are 20gr, 30gr and 3zł. They were cancelled at Poznań at 24.3.2011.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


A postcard on the Dormition Cathedral (Успенський собор) with the garden near the office of the Kiev Metropolia Far Caves. Together with other related historical church, such as Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (Києво-Печерська лавра), this monastery is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name "Kiev: Saint Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kiev Pechersk Lavra." Thanks Prott.

Many stamps were used. These include a pair of 1₴ stamps with different design  from zodiac series, a 1.50₴ grape stamp, a 2₴ definitive stamp and a 10k definitive stamp. They were cancelled at Kyiv on 2.4.2011.

Friday, August 9, 2013


A greeting postal card with prose. The ID no. is 2001(3100)-0088(10-2). Thanks 1centmagenta.

It has a 60 Fen flower pre-printed stamp. A pair of 1.20 Yuan bird definitive stamps were added. This card was cancelled at Xinjiang Aksu Nandajie Yingye 1 (新疆阿克苏南大街营业1) on 18.3.2011. Additionally, a pictorial postmark on Kuchewangfu or Kuga's Prince Residence (库车王府) of Kuqa, Xinjiang (新疆库车) was cancelled on the same day. Interestingly, there is one arrival postmark of Aksu, it is read as Xinjiang Aksu Toudi 8 (新疆 ئاقسۇ‎ 阿克苏 投递8), stamped on 28.3.2011. It was suspecting that this card was mistakenly sent to the sender address.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


A postcard showing the nature view in Slovenia. It is the Vintgar Gorge (Soteska Vintgar) near Bled. It is a 1.6km gorge carved by Radovna River. Wooden observation walkways and bridges are built for the visitors. It was opened to visitors since 1893. Thanks copacabana.

A 0,77€ Year of the Rabbit stamp was used. It was cancelled with postmark of Radomlje 1235 on 14.3.2011. The town name is not fully inked on this card.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A peaceful palm-fringed lagoon at Candi Dasa, a seaside town in eastern Bali. Thanks Shinta.

Four stamps were used; they are Rp1500 Year of the Rabbit with label, Rp1500 badminton player, Rp1500 leatherback sea turtle and Rp1000 culture heritage. The postmarks are illegible. It might be from Semarang, as only partially seen, ?E?ARAN?.