Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A street scene of Xiachi Jie or Street in Yinchuan (银川 小吃街). The building at the background is the South Gate (南门). The ID for this postcard is 2004(3000)-0010(13-11). Thanks xiaoguai.

This postcard is cancelled with postmarks from Ningxia Yinchuan Dalou 3 (宁夏 银川 大楼 3) on 9.1.2010. To increase the postage paid, beside the 60 Fen peony pre-printed stamp, a 2 Yuan and a 1.20 Yuan bird definitive stamps were used.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Part of the Krka National Park, Skradinski buk is a well known waterfall in Dalmatia. The national park is named after the Krka River. This waterfall is the lowest of the three sets of waterfalls formed along the Krka river. Thanks rlicul.

This postcard is sent from Pula 52103 on 7.1.2010. Several low-value stamps are used to pay its postage. Three different definitive embroidery stamps with face values 0.10 kn, 0.50 kn and 1.00 kn each were used on the card, together with a 1.80 kn painting by Nives Kavurić-Kurtović stamp and a 3.50 kn sturgeon stamp.

Friday, November 11, 2011


A postcard showing the Khuê Văn Các (Khue Van Pavilion) of Văn Miếu (Temple of Literature). Văn Miếu is a temple of Confucious in Hanoi. Through this pavilion, one would enter the third courtyard. At the center of this courtyard is the Thien Quang Tinh (Well of Heavenly Clarity). Thanks joinhannoi.

A pair of 4.500₫ flower stamps were used to pay the postage. However, they are not cancelled. There is no postal marking on the postcard too.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


A postcard shows the ancient building in Wenzhou (温州). This postcard features the Baixiang Pagoda or White Elephant Pagoda (白象塔). It is located in Nanbaixiang, Ouhai District (瓯海区 南白象), on the side of Wenruitang River(温瑞塘河). The original pagoda was built in Song Dynasty. It is re-built in 1999. Relics found during rebuilding is housed in the local museum. The ID for this postcard is 2009-330300-11-0028-001. Thanks kathy89.

A pair of 1.20 Yuan bird definitive stamps are added to increase the postage paid, as there is a pre-printed 80 Fen lotus stamp.This postcard is cancelled at Zhejiang Wenzhou Huochezhan 26(浙江 温州 火车站 26) on 16.12.2009.