Friday, February 28, 2014


A map postcard from Mauritius (Ile Maurice) showing some of the coastal views of this island in the Indian Ocean.Thanks memorykeeper.

Two stamps were used; a Rs10 Alexandre Dumas stamp and a Rs16 stamp showing the views of Mahébourg at different period. They were cancelled at Vacoas on 21.11.2011.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


A lottery greeting postcard showing a magnificent dragon. It is wishing great expansion (宏图大展) for the coming years. Its ID no. is HP201201. Thanks ELF.

A 3 Yuan greeting stamp and a 80 Fen Beijing Olympic stamp were added on this postcard with a 80 Fen pre-printed Year of the Dragon stamp. It was cancelled by meter cancellation but only partially printed on the card. It was from Zhejiang Xiaoshan (浙江 萧山) and cancelled on 8.11.2011.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


A lottery greeting postcard on Shang (商都万象) and it is for Henan Province. It depicts a mountain with two legendary kings, Yan and Huang (炎黄二帝), which are the ancestors for Han Chinese. Its ID no. is 2008-1600(BK)-0020(6-2). Thanks kalee.

It comes with a 80 Fen Year of the Rat pre-printed stamp. It was cancelled with a red-color meter cancellation from Guangdong Maoming Guanghuabei Yingye (广东 茂名 光华北 营业) on 11.11.2011. No other stamp was added but there was no postage due marking either.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A postcard published by Phaidon Press on Perito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina. It was taken from Earthsong by Bernhard Edmaier. Thanks gemeiliang.

This card was sent from Malaysia. A 50 sen KL Grand Prix stamp was used. It was cancelled at PM Petronas Matang, Sarawak on 10.12.2011.

Monday, February 24, 2014


An artistic postcard showing a village on the tree. Thanks Somnus.

It was sent by paying postage at the counter. Then, this card was printed with a postage paid meter from Anhui Hefei Yingye 35 (安徽 合肥 营业 35) on 2.12.2011. The ID no. for this post office is AA35.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


An card with information from Polatsk or Polotsk (По́лацк). It shows the monument to Venerable Ephrosinia (Euphrosyne or Еўфрасі́ння Полацкая) of Polatsk, the Patron Saint of Belarus. This sculptor was done by Igor Golubev. Thanks skliu.

A BYR1500 polar stamp, and two flower definitive stamps, with face values BYR50 and BYR100, were used to send this card. They were cancelled at Гродна (Grodno) 25 on 29.11.2011.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


An artistic postcard by qing at weibo. This card shows a young animal, probably a chick. It was done by canyrabby. Thanks Sushizhe.

A 4.50 Yuan Beethoven stamp (2010-19, 4-4) was used. It was cancelled with postmark of Anhui Ningguo Pingxin (安徽 宁国 平信) on probably 2.10.???.

Friday, February 21, 2014


A postcard reproduction from drawing. It shows a girl washing her hands. Thanks Elena.

Several stamps were used; a 0.10p. hare definitive stamp, and a 3p. and two 10p. definitive stamps on Kremlin. They were cancelled at Москва (Moscow) 107392 on 26.10.2011.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


A folded postcard from Taiwan showing the temple festival (廟會) in San-Ching Temple ( 道教總廟三清宮), Yilan (宜蘭). Thanks wendyjen.

On the other side, there is three puppet figures in costume, which are part of the performance. A NT$10 flower definitive stamp was used to send this card. It was cancelled at Taichung Sorting Centre (台中處理中心) on 20.11.2011.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A postcard on sand dunes and camels in the Rub' Al Khali Desert (الربع الخالي‎) or Empty Quarter. It is the largest sand desert in the world. Thanks heartbeativy.

A 1SR stamp on building and 2 SR stamp on Janadriyah Festival were used. They were cancelled with a circular postmark from Gulf Postal Services Agency and the date is in Arabic. Another rectangular postmark from Eastern Region was cancelled on the same day (26.9.2011).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A multiview postcard from Gotha in Thuringia. It shows some of the landmarks of this place. On the upper left is Schloss Friedenstein, a former palace. The upper middle picture is Rathaus Gotha in Hauptmark. A monument in the upper right. Augustinian Church in the lower right. Wasserkunst in the lower left. Thanks mikewang.

A 75 cents cathedral stamp was used. It was cancelled but the date stamp is unclear. Only able to identify "30" for the day it was cancelled.

Monday, February 17, 2014


A postcard on windmill in Vlissingen. Thanks daokounv.

Three 1st class stamps were used; they are 100th years of circus, century old building and new t-shirt definitive stamp. They were cancelled at 's-Hertogenbosch on 5.10.2011.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


A long postcard on the Nine-zigzag Bridge of the Yu Garden (豫园九曲桥) in the old city of Shanghai at current Huangpu District (黄埔区). Thanks rainman.

Many stamps were used to send this postcard. They are 20 Fen stamp on ancient post (1995-13, 2-1), 10 Fen environmental definitive stamp, 2.80 Yuan stamp on Zheng Chenggong or Koxinga (2001-27, 3-3), miniature scenic (1996-6, 6-2), and 1.20 Yuan stamp on ancient tale (2010-20, 4-1) with its tabs. They were cancelled at Shanghai Jing'an 10 (上海 静安 10) on 28.9.2010.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


A postal card for propaganda the Sochi (Сочи) Winter Olympic Games 2014. It shows the ski area in this city by the Black Sea. Thanks Natalya.

This card comes with a B value postage. Two Kremlin definitive stamps (10p. and 4p.) and two wildlife definitive stamps (0.10p. and 0.50p.) were added. They were cancelled on 21.9.2011. The place name is unclear. It might be sent from Курган (Kurgan) as on "Ky" is identifiable.

Friday, February 14, 2014


The Page Boy Hill during autumn (书童山秋色) is one of the scenic view in Yangshuo (阳朔) near Guilin, Guangxi (广西 桂林), by the side of Li River (漓江). The karst hills along the river are given names as resemble to them. Thanks morning.

A 4.20 Yuan bird definitive and a 30 Fen environmental definitive stamp were used. They were cancelled with postmark of Guangxi Guilin Guoji 1 (广西 桂林 国际 1) on 20.9.2011.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


A lottery greeting postcard on Hangzhou sports. It shows the stadium of Changzhou Institute of Technology (常州工学院体育馆). Its ID no. is 11-320400-13-0008-003. Thanks 。.

A 4.50 Yuan Beethoven stamp (2010-19, 4-4) was added on this card with a 80 Fen pre-printed stamp. They were cancelled with a single postmark from Jiangsu Lianyungang Toudi 18 (江苏 连云港 投递 18) on 9.9.2011.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A postal card on Ganjiang River (赣江), Jiangxi Province (江西省). It discharges its water into Poyang Lake (鄱阳湖) before going into Yangtze River (长江). Its ID no. is FP15(10-1) 2001B.Thanks guaiwudi.

A 30 Fen stadium stamp for 1990 Beijing Asian Games (T.105, 4-3) was added on this card with a 4.20 Yuan pre-printed stamp, same as its design. They were cancelled with two postmarks of Jiangxi Shanggao Pingxin 1  (江西 上高 平信1 ) on 15.9.2011.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A multiview postcard from Liechtenstein, a country in Alps. On the upper left is the Vaduz Castle (Schloß Vaduz). Upper right shows a wooden bridge across Rheine (Alte Rheinbrücke Vaduz–Sevelen). Rotes Haus is shown on the lower left. On the lower center is Vaduz Cathedral, or Cathedral of St. Florin (St. Florinskirche in Vaduz) and lower right is a government building, Landtagsgebäude. Thanks buebemami for organizing a meetup swapping in Vaduz and also others who signed this card.

A SFr.190 stamp on Vaduz Castle was used. It was cancelled at Schaan 9494 on 12.9.2011.

Monday, February 10, 2014


A lottery greeting postcard on university students voluntarily services in school. Its ID no. is 11-441900-13-0440-006. Thanks _Tse°.

 It comes with a 80 Fen pre-printed new year stamp. Two more stamps were added; a 2 Yuan crane (1994-15, 2-2) and a 20 Fen Tianjin dolls (1996-30, 4-1). They were cancelled with postmarks of Guangdong Dongguan Liaobu (Toudi) 101 or "广东 东莞 寮步(投递)101" on 4.9.2011.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


A scenic view on Mount Huangshan (黄山) in Anhui Province (安徽省). The Huangshan pine, known as welcoming-guests pine, is seen on the card. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site using the name "Mount Huangshan." A 4.50 Yuan Beethoven stamp (2010-19, 4-4) was pasted here and it was cancelled at Guangdong Shenzhen Henggang 38 (广东 深圳 横岗 38) on 25.8.2011. Thanks ICE.

At the back of this card, there are several commemorative marking from Shenzhen Universidade Games 2011. Also, a marking on airmail is also stamped here.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


A group of camels passing through the sandy beach. Camels were introduced into Australia during the early exploration in the Outbacks. Thanks Mundoo.

It is a postage paid postcard. It was cancelled at Adelaide SA 5000 on 1.9.2011. There is another cancellation at its bottom but done at Adelaide SA 520 on the same day.

Friday, February 7, 2014


An artistic postcard showing boardwalk towards a lighthouse. Thanks Susan.

It was sent by using postage paid cancellation with value 4.50 Yuan. It was done at Guangzhou Jiangnanxilu 8 (广州 江南西路 8) on 29.8.2011. The code for this post office is "粤AA255."

Thursday, February 6, 2014


A view on the bank of Kochkar-Ata River (Кочкар-Аты / Кошкар ата ). Thanks Shirin_Z.

A pair of 80 stamps on CICA were used. They were cancelled on 9.8.2011 at Шымкент (Shymkent).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


A night view postcard over Victoria Harbour with Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (香港會議展覽中心 or HKCEC) as its focus point. This convention center is located in Wan Chai North, Hong Kong Island (香港灣仔北). The Central Plaza (中環廣場) dominates the skyline at the back. Thanks Mungchacha.

This card was sent with many stamps; a $1.40 Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce stamp and three types of bird definitive stamps (10cents, 50 cents and two 20 cents). They were cancelled at Hong Kong GPO on 1.9.2011.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


An artistic postcard showing a cat. Thanks jinernan.

A pair of 2 Yuan bird definitive stamps and a 80 Fen phoenix personalized stamp were used. They were cancelled at Yunnan Shangri-La (Xamgyi'nyilha) Dukezong 2 (云南 香格里拉 独克宗 2) on 21.8.2011. The Tibetan script on the cancellation is not yet written here.