Saturday, March 28, 2009


Reno National Bowling Stadium, a place for hosting professional and amateur bowling tournaments in this city, also known as the biggest little city in the world. This stadium hosts the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open Championships every three years. The long white sticker on the left is for machine printing of barcode. Must be done by post officer. Thanks wonderwoman16.

Sent on 20.2.2009 from Reno, Nevada, using the current airmail stamp, 94¢ of St. John, US Virgin Island stamp. To be specific, it is the Trunk Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The meter cancellation used on this postcard is also common, it comes with six wavy lines.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


A multiview postcard from Venizia (Venice). It is a UNESCO heritage site under the name "Venice and its Lagoon". On the upper row, from left to right, the St. Mark's Basilica, a piazza view, and St. Mark's Campanile and Biblioteca Marciana. The middle row (from left to right) shows a fleet of traditional rowing boats, Raito Bridge and Grand Canal, and view of St. Mark's Basilica from the lagoon. The gondolas, traditional Venetian rowing boat, dominate the last row. From the left id a gondola passing through a bridge in the canal, a fleet of gondolas, and gondala in the canal. Thanks edo-padova.

This postcard was sent on 20.02.2009 at Padova (Padua) CMP using priority mail . Therefore, its postage is higher and a definitive stamp with face value of €0.85 was used.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A postcard shows the folding screen (屏風) of Qinyuan Jinyingting (慶源金銀廳), Lukang (鹿港), Changhua County (彰化縣). Lukang is used to be important for its harbor. However, refusal for building a railroad and silting of harbor lead to its declination as a trading port. Yet, without a further modernization, this township has managed to preserve many of its heritages. Thanks fromching.

Two NT$5 stamps of a long set of stamps from an ancient Chinese painting, "Eighteen Scholars" by Sung Emperor Hui-Tsung (宋徽宗十八學士圖), were used. Their numbers in that set of stamps are 10-3 and 10-4. The stamps were machine cancelled with six wavy lines at Taipei on 28.2.2009.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


"La Bella Addormentata" ... Profile of Gran Sasso d'Italia (Great Stone of Italy) in the Abruzzo Region of centre Italy during the sunset. Thanks alessandrastrona for showing a geographical symbol of her place.

A stamp pre-commemorating ITALIA2009, International Philatelic Festival (€0.85) was used. An ancient mask was on the stamp. It was cancelled with meter franking using six wavy lines at Pescara CMP on 27.2.2009.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


A lottery postcard with the card serious no. 2007-1401(BK)-0013 shows the night view of Shengmi Bridge (生米大桥) of Nanchang. Thanks danH from douban.

Even though this postcard comes with a pre-printed 60 Fen stamp, it was sent with additional four recently issued Year of the Ox stamps (1.20 Yuan each). Total paid for sending this postcard is 5.40 Yuan. The additional stamps covered the pre-printed stamp entirely, leaving on its edge but the face value could be seen through the white baclground of the stamp. The stamps were machine franking on 23.2.2009 with five wavy line on top of the date stamp, which is recognized as Nanchang Yangminglu (Machine) 2 after done some research on the not-so-clear cancellation. The Chinese characters are 南昌 阳明路(机) 2.


A fully artistic postcard. One has to use his/her creative imagination to understand what's the postcard is presenting. I could only say there is a musical band entering a palace. Thanks wen-tin (马赛克).

A single bird definitive 5 Yuan stamp to paid for airmail postcard rate, which is only at 4.50 Yuan. The stamp is neatly cancelled on 23.2.2009 with postmark from Fujian Zhangzhou (福建 漳州). Well done! However, the postmark is for an ordinary mail (out), which is written in Chinese characters, 平信 (出). It is not that strict in choosing the right cancellation, as long as the stamp is cancelled.

Friday, March 20, 2009


A Tibetan mural of Vajrayaksha (金刚夜叉) postcard. Vajrayaksha is one of the Five Wisdom Thanks Kings, who protect the Five Wisdom Buddhas. Syday for sharing Tibetan culture with me.

This postcard was sent from Anhui Maanshan (安徽 马鞍山) on 21.2.2009 using a 3 Yuan New Year stamp. The postmark indicating it was sent with ordinary (international) rate, which is written as 平信 (国际) at the bottom of the postmark.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


An advertisement postcard from Singapore. It shows a man is serving coffee with the word "Rex Kaffee" as the backdrop. Thanks LGM, a member of Kaba.

Two 1st class stamps for local address were used to sent this postcard across the straits. The stamps were birthday thematic, a girl with her teddy bear gift and a girl blowing the birthday cake's canddles. Both of them were cancelled with Singapore M3 postmark on 21.2.2009.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sculptured rock of the Samaipata Ruins in the Department of Santa Cruz. It is listed in the UNESCO heritage list under the name, Fuerte de Samaipata. It is a pre-Hispanic remnant. Thank aka_lusi for showing me a Bolivian heritage site.

This postcard needs a postage fee of Bs10.50 and the stamp used here is "Salar de Uyuni" (a salt flat in Potosí). A big rectangular postmark was used to cancel it. The upper part read as "Empresa de Correos di Bolivia" and followed by ECOBOL. The lower part is "Expendio de ?" (Retailing of ?) and followed by "Santa Cruz". It was sent on 13.12.2008 from Santa Cruz. There ia another small round shape postmark. It is a postage check (control porte) mark of ECOBOL in Santa Cruz. Pencil marking was found near here too and it looks like "HK5". No idea what does it meant. Any linkage between this marking with its late arrival?


A view of Serranía de Ipias (Ipias Ridge), Department of Santa Cruz in the eastern Bolivia. Thanks aka_lusi for your second attempt to send the official postcard swapping after the first one delayed with an unknown reason.

A "Salar de Uyuni" (a salt flat in Potosí) stamp with face value Bs10.50 was used to sent this postcard. A big, rectangular shape postmark was used to cancel it. The upper part read as "Empresa de Correos di Bolivia" and followed by ECOBOL. The lower part is "Expendio de ?" (Retailing of ?) and followed by "Santa Cruz". It was sent on 14.2.2009 from Santa Cruz. There ia another small round shape postmark. It is a postage check (control porte) mark of ECOBOL in Santa Cruz.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The Castillo del Morro (Morro Castle) of Santiago de Cuba is shown on this Cuban postcard. It is more formally known as Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca and it is listed in the UNESCO heritage list with the title "San Pedro de la Roca Castle, Santiago de Cuba" for its most complete and well preserved Spanish-American military architecture based on Italian and Rennaissance design principles. Thanks mauroh for the private swap and beautiful postcard.

This postcard was sent on 26.1.2009 from Ciudad Habana (Havana City). "ENE." is the short form of "Enero", which is January in Spanish. The postmark is very neat and clear. However, it is not stamped on the two animal thematic stamps, a 15 centavos owl and butterfly stamp and a 35 centavos manatee, a marine mammal. Total paid for sending this postcard is 50 centavos.


The postcard shows the Ontika Landscape Protection Area in the northeastern Estonia. In the right is the Baltic Klint, an erosional limestone escarpment, found in this region where its highest cliff is also found in this place too. Thanks august4 for sharing this local landscape.

Three stamps with the total face value of KR 9.30 were used on this postcard. These stamps are Estonian made train (KR 3.20), a map showing Pakri Islands and the lighthouse (KR 1.70) and Betti Alver, an Estonian poet (KR 4.40 = €0.28). They were stamped at Jõhvi on 19.2.2009.

Monday, March 16, 2009


This card shows the Lesser Yingzhou Isle in summer (瀛州夏曲) with the ID YP 12 (10-2) 1993(A). It is one of the scenes found in West Lake, Hangzhou. Thanks Miko.

There is a 15 Fen pre-printed stamp using the same view of the postcard. Together with the three 1.50 Yuan environmental theme definitive stamps, a total of 4.65 Yuan to send this postcard, it was overpaid. The postcard was machine franking at Zhejiang Wenling Fenfa 1 (浙江 温岭 封发 1) on 15.2.2009.


Hiroshima Castle in Hiroshima, Japan. It was once the home of feudal lord of Hiroshima. The original building was destroyed during the Second World War, when the first atomic bomb dropped into this city and devastated the city. It was rebuilt in 1958. Thanks yukari.

The stamps used to send this postcard have been issued quite some time. It was sent with a train stamp (¥62), a ship stamp (¥ 7) and the founder of Japanese postal service, Maejima Hisoka (¥ 1). They were stamped at Asaminami, Hiroshima on 21/2/2009. It needs ¥ 70 to send a postcard.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My second won lottery from Postcrossing Forum...

It is an America actor, Johnny Knoxville. The stage name for Philip John Clap. This is LAO n American postcard. Thanks Shirleycr.

Three stamps were used to send this postcard. They are an orchid stamp (180 Colones), and two different design stamps that commemorating a century of Organización Panamericana de la Salud (10 Colones each). A total of 200 Colones for sending this postcard. It was sent on 06 FEB 2009 but the three date-stampings are quit blur and overlapping. The only legible are "CORREOS DE (COSTA RICA?)" on upper part and "SUCURSAL (URUCA?)" on the lower part.


A new year postcard with a snowman. It is also a lottery postcard where the lucky number is at the back of the card. A 2004 version lottery postcard with the ID no. HP 2004 (4-1). Thanks semper_fi.

The postcard comes with a pre-printed stamp of a monkey. It is printed with 60 Fen, for same city delivery postage rate of postcard. But, it managed to slipped through the post office and sent to an international destination! It was stamped at Hangzhou Chengzhan 13 (杭州 城站 13) on 8.2.2009.


Mother panda and cub in Beijing Zoo. A flagship animal in conservation and also representating China. Thanks Ya for this panda thematic postcard and stamp plus the postmarks.

The Mainland Chinese postcard was sent from Taiwan. Using a recently issue panda stamp (NT$9) and a definitive bird stamp (NT$1), they were stamped using a panda pictorial postmark stamp commemorating the shifting of Yuanlin Sanqiao (員林三橋) Post Office on 16.2.98 (Republic Year 98 = 2009). This postmark stamp was used by Changhua (彰化) Temporary Post Office.

Another previously issued pictorial postmark, commemorating the officially exhibiting of giant pandas, Duan Duan and Yuan Yuan, was used to stamp on a NT$0.50 bird definitive stamp. It is stamped by Taipei Temporary Post Office on 20.1.98 (98 =Year 2009).


A scene from Suzhou (苏州) showing the Maple Bridge (枫桥) and the Iron Bell Pass (铁岭关) at the background. The Iron Bell Pass is the remaining fortified structure in the city that once used to defend the city against Japanese pirates during Ming Dynasty. Thanks Lótμs.

Sent from Jiangsu Suzhou Chayuanchang 7 (江苏 苏州 察院场 7) on 17.2.2009, this postcard was sent at 4 Yuan. Two 1.20 Yuan bird definitive stamps and also two 80 Fen environmental theme definitive stamps were used.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


A 18-century building in Casa Garden (東方基金會會址) is shown in this Macanese postcard. It is one of the sites listed under the Historic Centre of Macao (澳門歷史城區), a UNESCO heritage site. Currently, it is the office of Oriental Foundation Fund. Thanks Yifan (逸梵).

This postcard was processed at Macau TRADIC Letter Process and Delivery Centre 3 (澳門TRADIC郵政處理及派遞中心 3) on 11.2.2009. A 3.50 Patacas stamp showing the Liberation Army in Macau and a 0.50 Pataca frama label with energy saving theme were used. These made up a total of 4 Patacas to send this postcard.


Another exchange from icardyou. It shows a building in the Yongling comlex of Ming Dynasty (明十三陵永陵) in Beijing. It is one of the sites of UNESCO heritage sites with the official title, the Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynastries. Thanks rainbow_wind (彩虹风).

This postcard was sent using international postcard rate by using a 4.50 Yuan Definitive stamp. A pictorial postmark of Yonghegong (雍和宫) of Beijing Beixinqiao (北京 北新桥) was used to do the stamping on 9.2.2009.

At the bottom, another common stamping was used at the same place, Beijing Beixinqiao 2 (北京 北新桥 2), with the same date.


A locomotive from China. The old timer of the railway service must have brought many people travel across the country. Thanks paopaonangua (菠萝柚子), another member of Kaba (卡吧), for this magnificient transport.

An overpaid postcard sent from Hangzhou Gongchenqiao 11 (杭州 拱宸桥 11) on 2.4.2009. There three 1 Yuan Bird Definitive stamps plus two 80 Fen of the same series of definitive stamps. Altogether, they added up of 4.60 Yuan, more than enough for sending a postcard to an international destination using airmail, which is at 4.50 Yuan.

Friday, March 13, 2009


My first exchange from icardyou...

A view on rolling peaks in peculiar shapes of Yunnan Shilin (云南石林). It is one of the sites listed in UNESCO heritage list under the name South China Karst (中国南方喀斯特). Thanks Yeelu.

Two stamps with a total face value of 3 Yuan used to sent this postcard using orinary mail. They are 1 Yuan Song Qinglin (1993-2, 2-2) and 200 Fen buttertfly fish (1998-29, 8-3). They were stamped at Guangdong Zhongshan Dongqu 1 (广东 中山 东区 1) on 2/2/2009.


First exchange through Douban (豆瓣) ...

It is a 1997 pre-issue 22nd Universal Postal Congress in Beijing 1999 postcard (JP-63, 4-2). The postcard is preprinted with 420 Fen stamp. It was sent from Guangzhou Jingji Jishu Kaifaqu 1 (广州经济技术开发区 1) on 2.2.2009.

A plain side of postcard is being decorated. An ox from Chinese paper cutting (剪纸) pasted on the postcard for celebrating Year of the Ox this year. It also served as a new year greeting card. Thanks Hoping.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


A postcard from moderator of Kaba (卡吧) at

This postcard shows the Chinese modern ballet, The Ode of Yimeng Mountain (《沂蒙颂》). Thanks postcards (卡巴司机) for your postcard.

Using a 3 Yuan stamp tear off from a miniature sheet, UPU (1994-15), this postcard was sent from Guangdong Huilai Huicheng 1 (广东 惠来 惠诚 1) on 2.2.2009. 3 Yuan is the ordinary international postcard rate.