Thursday, October 31, 2013


A multiview postcard from Brabant or more precisely Noord-Brabant (North Brabant Province). It shows the city view and rural view of this province. But there s not inscription on the pictures in this card.Thanks Tsukihime.

A non-value indicator stamp, 1 Wereld of 2010, was used. However, it was not cancelled neither any post marking on this card too.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A postcard on Kumamoto Castle (熊本城). It is a well fortified and well preserved castle in Kumamoto City (熊本市). Thanks cecily.

A ¥70 bird definitive stamp was used. It was cancelled at Sendai, Miyagi on 28.1.2011.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard showing one of the old gates into Yangzhou (扬州), Yijiang Men (挹江门). The ID no. is 10-321003-13-0031-007. Thanks Dayu.

There is a pre-printed 80 Fen Year of the Tiger stamp on this card. A 3 Yuan greeting stamp and a 80 Fen stamp on a bowl of Song Dynasty (2002-6, 4-3) were added. They were cancelled with a single postmark from Jiangsu Yangzhou Wenchang 20 (江苏 扬州 文昌 20) on 10.2.2011.

Monday, October 28, 2013


A postal card on China 1999 World Philatelic Exhibition. The ID no. is JP78(2-2)1999. There is a 420 Fen pre-printed stamp using rabbit as design. A picture of Temple of Heaven in Beijing is also included in this postal card. It was sent from Shanghai Sitang 13 (上海 泗塘 13) on 19.2.2011. Thanks candyp for this card and also resending a card.

The back of this card is blank. The sender has creatively design the blank area of this postal card with drawing, cut-out and writing.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


A postal card showing a waterfall, Three Tiled Springs (三叠泉), in the Lushan National Park (庐山国家公园), a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the same name. This waterfall is named as it as it was presumed from three different sources but it is actually the same source of water. The ID no. is 2003-1402(PG)-0018. Thanks Joa0929.

This card comes with a 60 Fen flower pre-printed stamp. Several stamps were added, they were two different 1.20 Yuan vase stamps (2009-7, 2-1 and 2-2), a 1.20 Yuan kite-playing children stamp (2010-8, 3-2) and a 60 Fen environmental definitive stamp. These stamps were cancelled with two meter cancellations of Jiangxi Jiujiang Fenjian 3 (江西 九江 分拣3 ) on 21.12.2010.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


The courtyard of the former residence of Lao She (老舍故居). Lao She is the pen name for Shu Qingchun (舒庆春), a notable Chinese writer. This place is located in Dongcheng District, Beijing (北京东城区). It is currently a memorial (老舍纪念馆). Thanks Anna.

A 4.50 Yuan environmental definitive stamp was used. It was sent from Guangzhou Lujulu 3 (广州 陆居路 3) on 24.12.2010. Another clearer postmark was stamped at the bottom.

Friday, October 25, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard from the Harbin, Northeast of China. It shows the snow-covered house with a red lantern at the center of this card. The ID no. is 11-230102-13-0038-002 Thanks ilgys.

This postcard has a 80 Fen pre-printed stamp; a 290 Fen stamp on Hong Kong (1995-25, 4-4) and a 80 Fen personalized new year stamp were added. They were cancelled at Harbin Hexing 4 (哈尔滨 和兴 4) on 16.2.2011.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


A postal card showing the colorful salt pan (五彩盐田). The ID no. is 2000(10)-0750A(10-7). There are salt pans near sender's place in the coastal province of Jiangsu. Thanks 。jun.

This card comes with a 60 Fen flower pre-printed stamp. A 2 Yuan bird definitive stamp was added. By looking at the space in between stamps and partial cancelled postmarks, it is presumed that a big-sized stamp is missing during the sending process. This card was sent from Jiangsu Lianyungang Chaoyanglu 8 (江苏 连云港 朝阳路 8) on 27.12.2010.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


A postcard on brush painting with the theme mountain and water or river (山水). Thanks Maggie.

A pair of 2 Yuan bird definitive stamps were used together with a 80 Fen Beijing Olympic personalized stamp. They were cancelled at Guangdong Shenzhen Shahe 9 (广东 深圳 沙河 9) on 23.12.2010.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard using oracle bone scripts in its design. Its theme is everything goes smooth (风调雨顺). As it is referring to farming, the wind and the rain must come accordingly. Its ID no. is HP2011(4)Y. Thanks XiaoYu.

It has a 80 Fen pre-printed stamp with auspicious theme. Several stamps were added; they were 20 Fen illiteracy elimination (J171, 1-1), 80 Fen new year drawing (2004-2, 4-1) and 1.20 Yuan 60th Anniversary of new China (2010-24, 4-3). They were cancelled at Jiangsu Huaian Yingye 3 (江苏 淮安 营业 3) on 5.2.2011.

Monday, October 21, 2013


A multiview postcard of București (Bucharest) showing the Dâmbovița River along the Independence Quay (Splaiului Independenței). This river is used to be source of water for the city folk. Thanks raluk68 for organizing this lottery and those who signed on this card.

A pair of 30 bani vase stamps and a 1,20L spider stamp were used. They were cancelled at București Tranzit on 2.2.2011.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


A postcard showing an old Dutch board game, ganzenbord (game of the goose). Thanks Marijevstr.

Several stamps of old currency were used. A pair of surcharge stamps with face value 65 cents + 30 cents and a 80 cents carton stamp were used. There was no cancellation on this card.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard with a Santa Claus and wishing Merry Christmas. The postcard ID no. is HP2010(4)Y. Thanks fengwenyi.

It comes with a 80 Fen Year of the Tiger stamp. Other stamps were added; A 2 Yuan monkey (2000-3, 10-6), a 50 Fen drum tower (1997-8, 4-2) and a 1.20 Yuan personalized stamp on phoenix. They were cancelled at Hebei Renqiu Youtian Zhiju 1 (河北 任丘 油田支局 1) on 25.12.2010 (Christmas Day)! 

Friday, October 18, 2013


A postcard on Beijing's Hutong (胡同) during the winter. It shows a corner of a yard taken at Cao Chang Hutong (草厂胡同). It is located in the northwestern corner of  Xicheng District, Beijing (北京西城区). Thanks mujin.

It was sent with a 100 Fen greenery the environment stamp (1996-12, 4-4) and 50 Fen pagoda-shaped drum tower stamp (1997-8, 4-2). They were cancelled with postmark of Guangdong Shenzhen Pingxin 2 (广东深圳 平信 2) on 31.1.2011. It was underfranked. So, a postage due mark was stamped and fall partly into the 50 Fen stamp. It was hand-written with "150" on that stamp. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


A lottery greeting postcard from Yecheng or Kargilik, Xinjiang (新疆叶城). This place is the main producer of walnuts (核桃) in China. It shows the typical landscape of this place in the main picture. Smaller pictures show some of the landmark places and stuffs. They are, from the left, Panqi Cave (盘棋千佛洞), Polong Forest Park(坡隆森林公园), Mount K2 (乔戈里峰), 750 years old willow in Zonglang (踪郎750年古柳), Zonglang Spring (踪郎灵泉) and thousand year old walnut tree (千年核桃七仙). The postcard ID no. is 11-653100-13-0139-000. Thanks L.Chen.

A pair 2 Yuan bird definitive stamp were used and they covered the 80 Fen pre-printed stamp. The postmark is blur but still able to recognize the part of its details. It was sent from Xinjiang Yecheng (or Kargilik) Wenhualu 1 (新疆叶城 قاغىلىق 文化路1) on 11.1.20??.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


A postcard showing the interior of the the Smolensk Church, Trinity-St. Sergiy Lavra (Тро́ице-Се́ргиева Ла́вра). It shows the Iconostasis of the 18th Century. This place is one of the sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, "Architectural Ensemble of the Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad." Thanks SixthSense.

It was sent using three commemorative stamps; a 7.50p. 2008 new year stamp, a 7p. Ded Moroz's stamp and a irregular shaped 2009 new year stamp with face value 10p. They were cancelled at  Москва (Moscow) 101000 on ?.1.2011.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A view on the  Vsesvjatshaja Church (Всесбямская черкобъ) in Voronezh (Воронеж). Thanks ElSol.

Four Kremlin stamps with three different face values were used. They are a 10p, two 5p. and a 4p. They were cancelled at Воронеж (Voronezh) 394009 on 18.1.2011.


Monday, October 14, 2013


A lottery greeting letter card issued for Zhengzhou Branch (郑州市分行) of the Postal Savings Bank of China (中国邮政储蓄银行). The ID no. of this card is 10-410103-13-1076-000. Thanks evanscene and also the cards inside.

This card comes with a 1.20 Yuan pre-printed stamp on new year. A 1.20 Yuan children's drawing stamp (2009-10, 4-3) and 80 Fen personalized stamp were added. They were cancelled with a postmark of Guangzhou Dongcheng 9 (广东 东城 9) on 11.1.2011.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


A wildlife postcard from Australia showing the wedge-tailed eagle. A native to Australia and also the largest bird of prey there. Thanks Lilian.

A $1.45 koala stamp for international post was used. It was cancelled at Adelaide 5000 1?.1.2011. The postal slogan is "Use Energy Wisely."

Saturday, October 12, 2013


A city view postcard on the capital of Moldova, Chișinău. This building is S.A. Moldtelecom Building. Moldtelecom is the main communication services provider in the country. Thanks Tast_y.

An 8.50 Lei airplane stamp was used. It was cancelled at CPTP SPS on 25.12.2010.

Friday, October 11, 2013


An artistic postcard showing a little signboard indicating this shop is opened. Little information on the glass may show this photo was taken in Japan.Thanks feryal.

Three 1.20 Yuan stamps on Cao Cao (2008-13,2-2) were used. They were cancelled with a single postmark of Fujian Xiamen Haohoulu 9 (福建 厦门 海后路 9) on 24.12.2010.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


A postcard showing the drawing on Gushan or Mount Gu (鼓山) in Fuzhou, Fujian Province (福建省 福州). It is one of the landmark tourism destinations in this city. The temple as shown in the upper part of this postcard is Yongquan Temple (涌泉寺). There are many historical and cultural sites on this hill. Thanks Cindy.T.

It was sent with many definitive stamps; a 30 Fen environmental stamp and three different bird stamps with face values 1 Yuan, 1.20 Yuan and 2 Yuan. They were cancelled at Fuzhou Gongyelu 2 (福州 工业路 2) on 12.12.2010.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A pictorial map card of Estonia. It depicts major landmark or typical scene across this Baltic country. Thanks ulvikaru.

A sheetlet with two different 4,40kr stamps was used together with a 0.30kr (€0.02) flower stamp. They were cancelled at Saue on 10.1.2011.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A postcard on the electrical tram of Porto with the typical view of the city as background. This vintage tram is part of the heritage tramway running in this city, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, "Historic Centre of Oporto." Thanks Miceu.

A €0,80 stamp on racing car was used. The postmark is unclear, only managed to identify part of it. the place name starts with "Ga" with postcode "440." It was cancelled with date "20.1.10" but the sender wrote it in the year 2011. 

Monday, October 7, 2013


A view of Stockholm during the visit of Swedish ship, Götheborg, a replica ship of East Indian Man The original Götheborg was sunk in the 18th Century. Its background is most likely at Strandvägen. Thanks lellykate.

A 11kr ship stamp and a 1kr berries stamp were used. They were cancelled on 12.1.2011 but the place did the cancellation is unknown. This meter cancellation shows the Swedish Crowns.