Sunday, April 22, 2018


A postcard issued by Sri Lanka Post for promoting tourism using the theme “pristine” for its coastal beach area. Thanks Mikram.


A Rs40 stamp corresponding to this postcard was used. It was postmarked on 17.3.2018 at, most likely, post office at General Hospital (only the word General and partial of Hospital is seen). 

Friday, April 20, 2018


A postcard on paper cutting art (剪纸) with a horse as design. Thanks Chuanshu.


A 3 Yuan stamp on Summer Universiade in Shenzhen (2011, 4-4), an 100 Fen artifact stamp (1996-21, 4-4), and two different 50 Fen stamps, a sport stamp (1997-15, 2-1) and a stamp commemorating Inner Mongolia (1997-6, 3-1). They were cancelled at Guangdong Jiangmen Peiying Gaoji Zhongxue 1 (广东 江门 培英高级中学1) on 16.2.2018. The red-color postmark is commemorating the Year of the Dog.    

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


A sun set view postcard at Merlion Park near CBD, Singapore. The background is the Marina Centre and Marina Bay. Thanks Jobbo for sending this card to encourage blogging. 


A $1 stamp on The Istana was used. It was meter cancelled at Singapore C2 on 5.3.2018.

Monday, April 16, 2018


A postcard on historical event in Yalta Conference in Crimea prior to the end of Second World War. The leaders of the major Allied power was seen here where, through this meet-up, determined the world order and finally led to Cold War. Thanks Tatiana777.

This card was sent inside an envelope. A 8p tiger stamp, a 33p ship and two 2p definitive stamps were used. They were cancelled at ЭЛЕКТРОСТАЛЬ (Elektrostal) 144000 on 19.2.2018.


Saturday, April 14, 2018


A lottery greeting postal card for this year, Year of the Dog 2018. The ID no. is HP201801. Thanks tang_tang.

Two stamps were used to up-rate this postal card that comes with an 80 Fen imprint stamp of Year of the Dog. They are 3 Yuan vase (2013-9, 6-6) and 1.20 Yuan Guangxi ancient city view (2016-12, 6-6). A postmark from Zhejiang Suichang Fengfa 1 (浙江 遂昌 封发1) cancelled only one of them on 1.3.2018.