Saturday, February 7, 2009


A card shows the Longluan Lake (龍鑾潭) in Kenting National Park (墾丁國家公園). Nice tranquility view. Thanks Colabear.

A NT$10 orchid stamp was used to send this card. It was blury stamped. Maybe it was stamped on 20/1/09(?). Since only able to identify the number 20, just guessing from what is legible and also the date wrote on the card, which is coincident also on 20/1/2009! The place do this stamping is unknown. There are two characters. first character looks like "大" or maybe "太". The second chracter is unreadable, the upper part looks like "艹". After checking the list of post office in Taichung (台中) and Changhua (彰化), where the sender's address is near to (according to the map in website). Maybe, it is "大村" in Changhua County.


Another private local swap postcard...

A creative self-design postcard, it shows various views of blue sky captured from Batu Pahat, Johor. Thanks sftan.

A 30 sen stamp commemorating the Angkasawan Program was used to send this card to a local address. It was stamped at Batu Pahat on 19/1/2009 with a seven-wavy-line meter stamp.


This card shows Drachenhaus (Dragon House) in Sanssouci Park, Potsdam. As its name, this building has some dragon sculptures on its roof. It is also one of the sites listed as UNESCO site under the listing name "Palace and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin". Thanks Catlady.

Another card sent using the flying goose stamp commemorating Sema Lagerlöf (100 Euro cents). It was stamped at Briefzentrum 30 (Hannover) on 15/1/2009. Another commemorating meter stamping, it shows 100th anniversary of Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM).


This card shows colorful sculptures found along the Leibnizufer in Hannover (Hanover). They are known as "Nanas". The sculptutes were done by a French sculptor, Niki de St. Phalle, in 1974. Thanks Kulli.

This card was sent using a flying goose stamp commemorating Sema Lagerlöf (100 Euro cents). The stamps were stamped at Briefzentrum 30 (Hannover) on 8/12/08. The pictorial meter stamping shows commemorating 725th anniversary(1284-2009) of somethings (not understand the words and also not too clear).


A multi-view postcard from Kraków (Cracow) showing the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, a famous poet, as its main view. Othe views (from up to bottom) include Floriańska Street and St. Florian's Gate, Cathedral Basilica on Wawel Hill, Chuch of St. Andrew and folk ensemble in Cracow costumes on its left. On the right of the card shows Main Square and St. Mary's Church, Barbican, Cloth Hall and SS Peter and Paul's Church. The Cracow's Historic Centre is an UNESCO heritage site. Thanks delenn_mir.

This card was sent at 3.50zł by using two buidling stamps (50gr + 3zł). They were meter stamped in Kraków 2 on 6/1/09.


A lonely bird (known as leerike in Estonian language) in the winter. A colorful bird (Eurasian bullfinch) in a snowy white background. Thanks Viire for sending this masterpiece.

Two same design stamps with a total face value of 11 krooni (equivalent to 70 Euro cents) were used to send this postcard. The stamps show the Võrumaa's coat of arms (each with a face value of 5.50 krooni = €0.35). They were stamped at Võru on 1/1/2009 (New Year still working?).


Wilderness in Mt. Rainier, Washington. Spring time showing a beautiful view from this part of America. Thanks Kinickinic and also the stamps you used.

Lots of stamp as it was sent in an envelope. Altogether four stamps with a total face value at 94 cents. The stamps from left to right are Navajo jewelry (2¢), Copernicus (8¢) and two doll stamps at 42¢ each. They were stamped at Olympia, Washington, on 2?/12/08 (Look like 29?). Creative meter stamping used, it read as "HAPPY HOLIDAYS".


A card showing chestnut... a typical scene during autumn in Germany. First time to see raw chestnut. Thanks Grakallo.

A rather blur meter stamping on a stamp commemorating Egon Eiermann (100 Euro cents), an architect. Only partially legible and readable. It was stamped at Briefzentrum 2? (Look like 20, Hamburg-Center?) on 28/12/08.

Friday, February 6, 2009


A very attractive card from China...

This card shows art work depicting the story of five hundred bandits become buddha of Cave 285 inside Mogao Caves (莫高窟) of Dunhuang (敦煌). A UNESCO site in China. Thanks duoran_.

Three stamps were used to send this card with a total face value of 5.20 Yuan (元). These stamps were paste separately. On the upper right corner is two bird stamps (2 Yuan + 1.20 Yuan).

Another bird stamp (2 Yuan) was pasted on the lower left corner and partially covered the postcard description. The card was stamped at Gongyelu 4 (工业路4) of Shenzhen (深圳) in Guangdong Province (广东) on 19/12/2008.


My first private local swap card...

The card shows a bullock cart. One may find this cart in Malacca. It is mainly as tourism attraction. Thanks aLien_raBbit for this swapping.

Sent with a current definitive stamp, ochraceous bulbul (30 sen) for local address. It was stamped at Kuala Lumpur 02 on 17/12/08.


Another card received in the first batch except this one in an envelope with some used stamps on paper given courtesy by the sender.

A UNESCO site from Quedlinburg, Schlossberg. This card shows the castle in the city as listed in the "Collegiate Church, Castle, and Old Town of Quedlinburg". Thanks GanJie for the card and the legend.

Sending in an envelope requires higher postage (170 Euro cents). It was sent using two flower stamps (5 Euro cents + 65 Euro cents) and flying goose commemorating Sema Lagerlöf (100 Euro cents). The stamps were stamped on 8/12/08 at Briefzentrum 38 (Braunschweig).

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Another card from first batch of card received... Give me a shock, getting a continuos serial number from the same country.

A black-and-white card showing snow covered house and outdoor facilities during winter. Thanks Sonkku!

Stamped at Tampere on 24/11/2008. The stamp shows a christmas tree surrounded by four anthropomorphic animals (1 Lk Kl).


My first received card from postcrossing... Maybe! Don't know which one came first since there are few cards when I returned home. As this card has the earliest stamp date... So...

It is a butterfly card from Finland. Thanks rebekka!

Stamped at Kuopio on 25/11/2008. A partially irregular sharp stamp showing the flag of Finland (1 luokka klass).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A very short visit to the island state ...

Bought a card from the Singapore Botanical Garden together with the stamp on a rainny day. The card and stamp show the birds found in Singapore.

A yellow wagtail (45 cents) on the stamp. Dropped into the letter box in the garden on 14/5/2008 and it was processed at Singapore C1 on the same day.


On the same visit to Lao PDR...

Bought this card and stamp at a post agent during a visit to Luang Prabang, a UNESCO site using "The Town of Luang Prabang" as its officially listed name. The card shows the Tad Mak Mo.

Dropped into the mail box on 16/1/2008, the same night bought the card. Only to be stamped on 21/1/08 with Luang Phabang (ຫຼວງພະບາງ). It was rested there for some days, even though the main post office of this heritage town is about 500m away. The stamp shows a typical Lao house (7000₭).


My first self-sent postcard...

A card bought from Vang Vieng but the card shows Anousavaly (or commonly known as Patuxay) found in Vientiane. I couldn't buy any stamp on that freezing night...

So, it was sent from Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, on 15/1/2008 but it was stamped previous date. Maybe I'm the first customer and it still not yet change the date. It was stamped on the spot with Wattay (ວັດໄຕ). The stamps show Lao jewelry (5000₭ + 2000₭).