Saturday, April 30, 2011


A postcard showing the snow-covered highest mountain range in mainland Portugal, Serra da Estrela. This geological feature is part of Sistema Central, which is shared between Portugal and Spain. Portuguese side of mountain is protected as Serra da Estrela Nature Park. There is a ski resort in this mountain. Thanks Martinha.

It was sent using a €0,80 seramic containers stamp. This cancellation is blur, postcode 6300 (Guarda) is visible at the bottom.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A postcard showing Speicherstadt of Hansestadt Hamburg (Warehouse District, Hanseatic Hamburg) in the background with its eye-catching warehouse and bridge over a canal. It is located in the Free Zone, Port of Hamburg. Thanks RikeH.

Two contemporary flower definitive stamps with face values 55 cents and 45 cents were used to pay the postage for this postcard. It was sent from Briefzentrum 20 (Hamburg-Zentrum) on 26.11.2009 with WWF panda meter cancellation.

Monday, April 11, 2011


A postcard showing a group of dairy cattles. With their black and white markings, they are looked like Holstein dairy cow. Thanks mindanao for this postcard and sharing her story on milk.

An E class stamp of ink bottle was used to send this postcard. It was sent from Kyiv on 17.11.2009. A clear meter cancellation with 3-wavy lines from the capital city.

Friday, April 1, 2011


A postcard with three lions roaring in unison (起吼三狮) of the Lugou Bridge (卢沟桥 or more famously known as Marco Polo Bridge). It is also the site famous for the starting of Sino-Japanese War in 1937 in the Marco Polo Bridgee Incident. Thanks Kirsti for sending this postcard she bought during her trip to Beijing.

This postcard was sent from Macau inside an envelope. The postage (MOP$11.00) was paid using postage meter from Areia Preta (黑沙環) on 24.11.2009. The white rectangular shade at the lower right is purposely used to cover sender's address.

Another part of postage meter is shown at the back of this envelope with promoting philatelic subcription label. As it was sent with other gifts inside, a green custom label is sticked at the back. A blue square "Dilepaskan" (Released) mark of Malaysian Custom was stamped on 30.11.2009.