Monday, January 30, 2012


A postcard with an apple and apple tree flowers from Washington state. This cultivar is looked like Red Delicious. Apple industry is importance to this state. Many of them are planted in Wenatchee and Yakima Valleys. Thanks Beachyblonde.

It was sent from Everett, WA on 4.1.2010. A pair of heart Queen and King stamps (both 44 cents) and a 10 cents American Clock stamp were used to pay its postage.

Friday, January 20, 2012


An aritistic card designed in China using a photo of a chair at a corner ,taken from Santprini, Greece. Thanks florencia.

This postcard is sent using a 1 Yuan elephant stamp (1995-11, 2-1) and 200 Fen Huangshan scenery stamp (1997-16, 8-1). It was sent from Wuhan Ziyanglu 1 (武汉 紫阳路 1) on 3.1.2010.

Monday, January 16, 2012


A postcard showing the KD55 narrow gauge steam locomotive of Japan. This locomotive postcard is issued by International Post and Telecommunication Office of Beijing. The ID no. is GJ99005(10-6). Thanks XiaoYanJing.

This postcard was sent from Wuhan Dongding 1 (武汉 东亭 1) on 2.1.2010. A 3 Yuan greeting stamp and a 150 Fen Shennongjia Forest stamp (1998-13, 4-3) were used to pay its postage.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


A postcard with collection of views and landscapes from Australia. The center is Gibb River Road, Western Australia. Small pictures on the top are Trinity Beach, Caims (left) and Elabana Falls, Gold Coast (right). At the bottom, they are view seen from Great Ocean Road, Victoria (left), Green Island, Great Barrier Reef (center) and a ship of Murray River, New South Wales (right). Thanks IndigoAngel.

It was sent inside an envelope. A $1.40 drawing stamp for international post was used to pay its postage. It was cancelled with a messy meter cancellation of Central West M/C on 20 Jan (?).