Wednesday, August 12, 2015


A long postcard on Lushan Temple (麓山寺) near Changsha, Hunan Province (湖南省长沙市). It is located at Yuelu Mountain (岳麓山). Thanks Alice_Ye.

Two different face values greeting stamps were used. There are 1.20 Yuan flower and 80 Fen phoenix stamps. Two for each design were affixed. This card was firstly cancelled by machine of Changsha Hanjian (Tongqu) 5 or "长沙函件 (筒取)5" on 4.7.2015 but failed to cancel the other three stamps. So, two hand stamps of Changsha Toudi (Tongxian)2 or "长沙投递(筒箱)2" were used on the same day.

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