Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A rather long postal card from Henan Province (河南省) near Jiyuan (济源) showing one of its tourism area, Mount Wangwu (王屋山). It is famous as Taoist site. Its ID no. is 11-410711-11-0004-019. This is a complete card and there is advice on the card to tear along the detached lines before sending. Thanks doujiang and also for sending a complete card.

A 4.50 Yuan environmental stamp was used to uprate this card with an 80 Fen horse imprint stamp. It was cancelled at Beijing Qinghe 6 (北京 清河 6) on 7.6.2015. A red circular marking was found at the bottom with numbers "85" in Chinese and "11" in numeral. A postal marking?

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