Monday, May 16, 2016


A night view of the Waibaidu Bridge (外白渡桥) in Huangpu, Shanghai (上海市黄浦区). It is one of the landmarks left from the Old Shanghai. Thanks viviaxia.

Several stamps were used on this card; a 10 Fen bird definitive stamp, a 1.20 Yuan consumer protection stamp (2014-5, 2-1), a 50 Fen stamp on Hainan (1998-9, 4-1), a 1.20 Yuan stamp on Anti-Fascist (2015-20, 13-6) and a 1.20 Yuan Qingdao Horticulture Expo stamp (2014-7, 2-2). They were cancelled at Shanghai Huangpu 29 (上海 黄浦 29) on 1.4.2016.

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