Tuesday, April 21, 2015


A postal card on Ancient Longzhong, Hubei (湖北古隆中). It was said that this place is where Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdom lived. It is a national key scenic area now. This card shows a paifang (牌坊) or arch of this historical place. The ID no. is YP16(10-8)1994(B). Thanks JackXu.

A 80 Fen flower personalized stamp was used to uprate this postal card with a 2.30 Yuan stamp same design as this card. It was sent at Hubei Huanggang Yiaihu (2) (湖北 黄冈 遗爱湖(2)) on 10.5.2014. It was stamped once on the imprint stamp but leaving the other stamp uncancelled.

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