Sunday, March 22, 2015


A postal card of Liaoning scenery (辽宁风光) showing the Zhao Mausoleum of Shenyang (沈阳昭陵). This is the tomb for second Qing Emperor. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name Imperial Tombs of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ID no. is 2001(0600)-0237(10-5). Thanks Cai_Cai.

This card comes with a 60 Fen flower pre-printed stamp; two different 1.20 Yuan stamp were added. They were Shanghai EXPO (2007-31, 2-1) and artifact stamp (2013-9, 6-3). They were cancelled at Shenyang Xiannongtan Yingye 1 (沈阳 先农坛 营业1) on 18.12.2013.

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