Sunday, February 1, 2015


An uprated postal card sent from the Kinmen (金門), an island group off Xiamen, Mainland China. This postal card with a pre-printed NT$2.50 balloon stamp was issued in the year 101 (corresponding to 2012). It was uprated with a NT$5 fruit definitive and NT$2.50 auspicious definitive stamps. They were cancelled at Shanwai, Kinmen (金門 山外) on 22.10.2013. The year 102 is corresponding to 2013. Thanks Chi_Chien.

At the back, there is one stamp (a NT$0.50 definitive stamp) purposely for cancellation at Lieyu, Kinmen (金門 烈嶼), island off Kinmen, on 19.10.2013. The year 102 is corresponding to 2013.  Also a pictorial cancellation from this smaller island.

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