Wednesday, February 4, 2015


A Harbin Polarland (哈尔滨极地馆) postal card showing the animal show. The ID no. is 13-230102-11-0009-007. Thanks RanAstro. A cancellation from "Pusat Mel Kuantan M2" was found on this side and cancelled on 28.10.2013.

This card comes with a pre-printed 80 Fen lotus flower stamp. Three different design 80 Fen stamps (environment definitive, handcraft personalized and Great Wall personalized), a 30 Fen environment definitive and a 1 Yuan snow leopard stamp (2001-4, 10-8) were added. They were cancelled at Harbin Haxi (Yingye) 1 or "哈尔滨 哈西 (营业) 1" on 2.10.2013.

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