Sunday, February 3, 2013

CN- XJ-191870

A commercial lottery greeting postcard issued for a on-line shop selling men's cloths. It provide its website address on taobao, a local internet platform for selling online. The postcard ID no. is 09-330100-13-6120-000. Thanks 1centmagenta.

This postcard has a pre-printed 80 Fen Year of the Ox stamp. It was cancelled with a commemorative postmark on International Anti-drug Year on 26.6.2010. This cancellation was done at the temporary postal counters in the rehabilitation center. The postmark is read as Xinjiang Aksu Laojiaosuo (Lin) or "新疆 阿克苏 ئاقسۇ 劳教所(临)".  Additional stamps were added, they are 50 Fen pagoda (1994-21,4-3), 50 Fen East Asia Sports (1993-6, 2-1) and 1.20 Yuan Olympic Games personalized stamp. They are cancelled at another temporary post office on the same day. These postmarks are Xinjiang Aksu Yingawatishequ (Lin) or 新疆 阿克苏 ئاقسۇ 英阿瓦提社区(临).

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